Celebrity Voice Impressionist / Voice Actor Jim Lueck
Jim Lueck 
Celebrity Voice Impressionist
Voice Overs & Live Performances Over 60 Celebrity Impressions
About Me

Celebrity Voice Impressionist and Voice Actor Jim Lueck does over 60 celebrity character voice imressions. He did his first voice impression at the age of 8 years old and has been doing impressions ever since. He is a clean comic and voice actor. Credits include Disney's Magic Of the Glass Slipper. Directed by M. David Melvin. "The Magic of the Glass Slipper" is a BRANDED CONTENT short film starring world renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin. It screened theatrically worldwide and in Christian Louboutin stores around the world as part of the marketing campaign for Walt Disney's Cinderella Diamond Edition Blu-ray / DVD.


 Besides countless radio and TV commercials, Jim also does live and pre-recoded radio spoofs. He is known for comedic mock interviews, and funny phone blasts. If you have the need for some creative audio recordings for your next project weather it be for radio, TV, or internet, contact Jim for a quote. If you need a clean comic in New York area Jim could be what you are looking for, contact Jim for available dates.